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Nothing finishes a room like custom curtains or drapery. Our design experts will work with you to select the fabric and create a design that works with your personal style.  From simple to extraordinary we’ve got a solution for every window.


Gotcha Covered carries over 400 fabrics with a wide variety of color, pattern, texture, and weave.  These fabrics are hand selected based on their quality, how they hang, and how well they match today’s styles and trends.  We regularly add new fabrics to our collection so we can offer fresh new looks.  Our Gotcha Covered design consultants will work with you to determine your color palate and style.  Next, based on those color and style, we will pull a selection of fabrics for you to choose from.  Then, we work closely with our workroom to make sure we breathe life into your inspiration in a way that exceeds your expectations!


The length of your drapery can be used to make a statement. Choose a length that works with your lifestyle and complements your style.

  • Floor:  Measures ½ inch above the floor. Most common length for drapes.
  • Trouser:  Measure to the floor plus an additional 2: to the length to create a break at the floor.
  • Puddle:  Measures to the floor plus an additional 6”-10” to create a fabric pool on the floor. Puddles offer a more formal look and feel.
  • Sill:  Measures to the window sill; typically used on an inside mount.
  • Apron:  Measures to the bottom of the window trim; typically used on an outside mount.


Drapery from Gotcha Covered is available in a diverse selection of heading styles.  You can choose from traditional pinch pleats to cartridge pleats, which are also referred to as ripple fold and are currently very popular.

The type of pleat used can give the draperies a traditional or modern look depending on the pleat style chosen.  Pinch and four finger pleats tend to be more traditional vs. cartridge/ripple fold, plain top, and box pleats, which are more tailored looking and transitional.  Rod pocket, wrapped tabs and grommet top treatments tend to lend themselves to more modern environments.


Decorative trims can be used in a variety of ways along the edge of draperies, roman shades or top treatments to create a distinctive look.  Gotcha Covered has an extensive range of tassels, trims, fringes and tie-backs to choose from.


Choosing the right hardware is as important as selecting the right fabric. Unique finishes, finials, rod material, and accessories can transform the ordinary into extraordinary.  Below is a quick summary of hardware options and some selection tips.  During your design consultation, we will help you select the right hardware for your home based on your color palate and style.

  • Finishes: brass, bronze, chrome, pewter, black chrome and black
  • Finials:  Metal, Swarovski Crystal, Acrylic, Wood in a variety of designs
  • Rod Materials and sizes:  Metal, acrylic, wood, leather available in a various diameters and lengths
  • Accessories: Brackets, End Caps, Tie Backs, Decorative Rings and Wall Mounts

What size, what color, which finials. Trendy or timeless?  Wood, metal or acrylic?  Rods can frame a room or they can be designed to completely disappear.  Generally speaking they should contrast and be there to frame the drapes but not stand out.


Slim rods tend to look better than thick ones and we typically recommend going with 1 – 1.5 inch in diameter.  Anything less than that isn’t usually substantial enough to contrast and frame the drapery and can produce a disjointed look and feel to the room.  Selecting a rod thickness above an inch is a good way to ensure long-term enjoyment from your custom drapery investment.


The color of the rod and finials needs to relate to the room.  If there is a lot of dark furniture, you might want to choose a black or brown rod and finial.  If the room is white and drapes a soft color, white would be an appropriate rod color.  For rooms with gold, brass is coming back into style this year and would work well. Our favorites are metal – brushed stainless steel, silver or chrome rods with finials that relate well with grey, blue and taupe tones, or crystal finials with silver for a more formal look.

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